Server Virtualization / Hypervisors

Last Updated on 24 Sept. 2014, Total: 4 White Papers

  1. Virtualizing Exchange 2013 - the right way

    This white paper explains the factors that should be examined when deciding to virtualize Microsoft Exchange 2013. It covers the case for and against virtualizing Exchange, Views of the Microsoft Exchange development group regarding virtualization as well as Microsoft’s preferred architecture for Exchange 2013... Read More

  2. Taking the Leap to Vitualization

    Read this white paper to learn how virtualization offers dramatic benefits for midsize companies, including efficiency, cost savings, and increased reliability and performance... Read More

  3. Your Next Generation Data Center Starts with Virtualization

    Discover how your organization can tap into the long term value of server virtualization. This resource outlines strategies to get the most out of your virtual environment and how this investment can accelerate business growth... Read More

  4. Title: Hyper-V™ vs. vSphere™: Understanding the Differences

    An outline of the differences between the two by examining key features of both and exposing feature gaps that may exist between them... Read More