Monitoring & Management

Last Updated on 29 April 2013, Total: 5 White Papers

  1. Top 5 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution

    This white paper reviews the top five areas to consider when choosing a virtualization management solution and explores the reasons behind using management solutions that are designed specifically for virtualization... Read More

  2. Implement better monitoring

    You've deployed Hyper-V. Now be sure you know well how to monitor the events and performance metrics that are key to the performance and availability of Hyper-V environment... Read More

  3. Application Visibility - A recipe for conducting successful virtualization projects

    This white paper discusses the common application performance management challenges faced by organizations in a mixture of physical and virtual environments. The paper also looks at ways in which IT teams can overcome these challenges and conduct successful virtualization projects... Read More

  4. Integrated performance management for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure

    As organizations look for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase scalability, cloud computing and virtualization are playing a vital part in their IT strategies. However, these new technologies also present new challenges for organizations in the areas of application monitoring and application performance... Read More

  5. Going beyond plain virtualization monitoring

    This white paper discusses the new challenges faced by organizations in managing virtual environments and why IT teams need to look beyond traditional monitoring tools if they are to overcome these challenges. This paper also discusses the virtualization monitoring capabilities of ManageEngine Applications Manager and how it can be effectively utilized to manage virtual environments... Read More