Backup & Disaster Recovery

Last Updated on 10 June 2014, Total: 11 White Papers

  1. Accelerate your Success Through Virtualization

    Learn more about a unified solution for backup and recovery of your virtual environment... Read More

  2. Running Couchbase on AWS

    The paper includes a detailed discussion of Couchbase's Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) and shows you how to use it for disaster recovery and geographic replication... Read More

  3. Six Recommendations to Ensure Your VM Backup is Recoverable

    Are you using the right tools to back up your virtual machines? Your tools should guarantee VM backups are recoverable across all the types of data they might contain. Help assure your recoverability with the six recommended action items discussed in this whitepaper... Read More

  4. Planning Considerations for Disk-Based VM Backup

    Backing up data to a disk has many benefits. To get the most out of recent backup technology, it's important to follow a few best practices, understand the technology and apply considerations when deploying the solution... Read More

  5. Protect VMs with comprehensive backup and recovery

    In this whitepaper Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology answers questions related to VM protection and recovery... Read More

  6. 6 Battle-Tested Practices to Avoid Data Loss, by Greg Shields

    Don't take chances with your data! Read this whitepaper, Six Battle-Tested Practices to Avoid Data Loss, and learn strategies to help you avoid data loss... Read More

  7. Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V Using Best Practices Planning

    Download this FREE whitepaper by Brien Posey and learn best practices for backing up Hyper-V. Explore some common "gotchas" that can undermine your disaster recovery initiatives: Two main options for backing up your servers; Significant limitations of the backup process; And much more!... Read More

  8. 5 Ways Your VMware and Hyper-V Backups May Fail You, by Greg Shields

    There's more to protecting the virtual machines in your VMware or Hyper-V environment than HA. This NEW white paper explains common pitfalls of current backup strategies and what you can do to protect your VMs the right way... Read More

  9. Defining a Data Protection Policy for VM Backups, by Scott Lowe

    With the right solution, virtualization can radically change the backup and recovery paradigm. Download this whitepaper about the policies and systems needed to: Manage risks such as uncontrolled VM sprawl; Deliver recovery objectives... Read More

  10. The Expert Guide to VMware Data Protection, by Eric Siebert, vExpert

    Virtualization is the most disruptive technology of the decade. Virtualization-enabled data protection and disaster recovery is especially disruptive because it allows IT to do things dramatically better at a fraction of the cost of what it would be in a physical data center... Read More

  11. VMware vCloud Director Infrastructure Resiliency Case Study

    vCloud Director disaster recovery can be achieved through various scenarios and configurations. This case study focuses on a single scenario as a simple explanation of the concept, which can then easily be adapted and applied to other scenarios... Read More