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Last Updated on 24 Sept. 2014, Total: 47 White Papers

11 Backup & Disaster Recovery
5 Cloud Computing
11 Desktop & Application Virtualization
5 Monitoring & Management
2 Networking
1 P2V & V2V
3 Performance & Availability
3 Security
4 Server Virtualization / Hypervisors
2 Storage
  1. Running Couchbase on AWS

    The paper includes a detailed discussion of Couchbase's Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) and shows you how to use it for disaster recovery and geographic replication... Read More

  2. 5 Ways Your VMware and Hyper-V Backups May Fail You, by Greg Shields

    There's more to protecting the virtual machines in your VMware or Hyper-V environment than HA. This NEW white paper explains common pitfalls of current backup strategies and what you can do to protect your VMs the right way... Read More

  3. 6 Battle-Tested Practices to Avoid Data Loss, by Greg Shields

    Don't take chances with your data! Read this whitepaper, Six Battle-Tested Practices to Avoid Data Loss, and learn strategies to help you avoid data loss... Read More

  4. Accelerate your Success Through Virtualization

    Learn more about a unified solution for backup and recovery of your virtual environment... Read More

  5. Addressing Cloud Computing Security Considerations with Office 365

    The white paper discusses how to address cloud security considerations using Microsoft Office 365... Read More

  6. Addressing Cloud Computing Security Considerations with a Partner Private Cloud

    The white paper discusses how to address cloud security considerations in a private cloud environment and how to strike the right balance between customer and provider responsibilities... Read More

  7. Application Virtualization: The Next Frontier

    IT departments today are struggling to cut costs while increasing operational agility, delivering superior service, and maintaining high customer satisfaction. Application virtualization with Microsoft SoftGrid technologies can help with all of these goals... Read More

  8. Application Visibility - A recipe for conducting successful virtualization projects

    This white paper discusses the common application performance management challenges faced by organizations in a mixture of physical and virtual environments. The paper also looks at ways in which IT teams can overcome these challenges and conduct successful virtualization projects... Read More

  9. Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V Using Best Practices Planning

    Download this FREE whitepaper by Brien Posey and learn best practices for backing up Hyper-V. Explore some common "gotchas" that can undermine your disaster recovery initiatives: Two main options for backing up your servers; Significant limitations of the backup process; And much more!... Read More

  10. Choosing an Appropriate User State Virtualization Solution

    Get practical guidance on how to implement the right mix of virtualization technologies to meet your organization's IT and business needs... Read More