Last Updated on 17 Jan. 2017, Total: 19 Products

An extensive list of virtual desktop infrastructure solutions including products within any class or stage of the process.

  1. Systancia AppliDis Fusion 5

    AppliDis Fusion 5 is a unified virtualization solution which allows you to provide access to applications and Windows desktops, meeting the requirements of applications and desktop virtualization : Standard VDI meets most users’ needs, and extended VDI available for those more complex requirements, such as training rooms or VIP access. AppliDis Fusion 5 enables employees to work remotely, from either... Read More

  2. VMTurbo Operations Manager

    VMTurbo Operations Manager is easily installed on the hypervisor/cloud platform of your choice within minutes. Cloud edition enables enterprise private cloud builders and cloud service providers to build and manage cloud infrastructures. The product understands priority and makes resource allocation decision across Organizational and Provider Virtual Datacenters, helping you to tier and assure service across a multi-tenant environment. Key features... Read More

  3. VMware Horizon

    VMware Horizon™ (with View) delivers virtualized and remote desktops and applications through a single platform and supports end users with access to all of their Windows and online resources through one unified workspace. Deliver virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users. Securely deliver desktops, applications and online services to... Read More

  4. Citrix XenDesktop

    Citrix XenDesktop delivers Windows apps and desktops as secure mobile services. With XenDesktop, IT can mobilize the business, while reducing costs by centralizing control and security for intellectual property. Incorporating the full power of XenApp, XenDesktop can deliver full desktops or just the apps to any device. HDX technologies enable XenDesktop to deliver a native touch-enabled look-and-feel that is optimized... Read More

  5. Pure Storage

    Pure Storage deduplication and compression work great on all kinds of applications, but VDI is one of the best. With >10-to-1 data reduction, Pure Storage can make all-flash VDI cheaper than disk or hybrid disk/flash solutions, without the performance compromise of adding disk to your deployment. Pure Storage not only makes the end-user VDI experience faster, but it makes the... Read More

  6. Sun Ray Clients and Oracle Desktop Virtualization Clients

    Oracle desktop virtualization clients provide high security with no local storage or user data, increased operational efficiency. Clients deliver display of server-hosted Windows, Oracle Solaris, and Linux desktops. Centralized desktop IT management enabled by Sun Ray Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Sun Ray Clients connect to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Sun Ray Software and have no moving parts,... Read More

  7. Thinspace Pano

    The Pano solution includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware or Microsoft virtualization platform. In one integrated system you get a choice of our unique award-winning Pano zero client, the new Pano Virtual Client for repurposed PCs/Laptops and Pano Remote for secure remote access from anywhere. All three endpoints are managed from the comprehensive... Read More

  8. Parallels Remote Application Server

    Parallels RAS delivers applications, data and virtual desktops from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load-balancing and complete network transparency. Parallels RAS delivers applications to any user, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device in use. For example, Parallels RAS can deliver MS Office to your Chromebooks. Working remotely has never been easier... Read More

  9. eboVision

    The eboVision platform is a total solution for virtual desktop infrastructures. It is an end to end platform which: Allows remote configurations; Configures local devices (thin stations); Controls physical access; Centralizes desktop environments; Secures access to application environments; Provides a methodology and techniques for solving bandwidth restrictions; Supports central provisioning; Monitors and optimizes central server resources... Read More

  10. Citrix Project Accelerator

    Project Accelerator's purpose is to help you successfully deploy XenDesktop, XenApp and XenClient. It helps you understand the effort, resources, and best practices for implementing a Citrix application and desktop virtualization solution. Project Accelerator is a web application that guides you through questions, requirements, and common design choices. It is founded on the practices used by the experts within Citrix... Read More