Storage Virtualization

Last Updated on 25 Feb. 2016, Total: 16 Products

Storage virtualization software product directory which includes all types of virtualization solutions.

  1. DataCore SSANsymphony-V

    SANsymphony-V is a software solution that runs on any x86-64 server and runs in the data path between application servers and any makes/models of storage hardware. SANsymphony-V operates in 2 node configuration leaving no single point of failure... Read More

  2. Dell Compellent Storage Center

    Compellent virtualizes at the disk level within Storage Center, accelerating data access by spreading read/write operations across all disk drives in the SAN so multiple requests are processed in parallel. Compellent virtualization allows you to create high performance, highly efficient virtual volumes in just seconds without allocating drives to specific servers, without complicated capacity planning and without performance tuning... Read More

  3. EMC ScaleIO

    Software-only server-based storage area network (SAN) that converges storage and compute resources to form a single-layer, enterprise-grade storage product. ScaleIO storage is elastic and delivers linearly scalable performance. Its scale-out server SAN architecture can grow from a few to thousands of servers. ScaleIO uses servers’ direct-attached storage (DAS) and aggregates all disks into a global, shared, block storage. ScaleIO features... Read More

  4. FalconStor Network Storage Server

    The FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) is a scalable, highly available solution that enables storage virtualization and business continuity in heterogeneous environments. Supporting existing third-party disk arrays, FalconStor NSS eliminates storage boundaries and vendor lock-in, providing fast and easy data provisioning, mirroring, migration, snapshots, and WAN-optimized replication. With integrated support for Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and FCoE protocols, FalconStor NSS... Read More

  5. FalconStor Virtual Continuous Data Protector

    The FalconStor CDP Virtual Appliance for VMware Virtual Infrastructure is a pre-built, pre-configured, TOTALLY Open and ready-to-run software application packaged with an operating system in a virtual machine. Offering disk-based data protection technology, it protects physical and virtual servers simultaneously for continuous data availability, eliminating data loss from corruption or failure. The CDP Virtual Appliance for VMware Virtual Infrastructure offers... Read More

  6. HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage

    HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a scale-out storage platform that is designed to meet the fluctuating needs of virtualized environments. Intuitive, common management and storage federation meet the need for simplicity and flexibility in today’s virtual datacenters... Read More

  7. Hitachi Unified Storage and Hitachi NAS Platform

    Handle the massive, growing, file-based data and applications in today’s environments. Deploy efficient, highly scalable, and high-performance NAS systems – but at a lower total cost of ownership. Hitachi Unified Storage and NAS Platform systems help you with file sharing, file server consolidation and application storage for Oracle, Microsoft® and virtual server environments. Deploy the highest usable capacity and performance... Read More

  8. Infinio Accelerator

    Infinio Accelerator is a software-only NAS offload engine that works within your VMware vSphere environment to dramatically increase the IOPS capacity of your existing NAS devices. Infinio Accelerator lets you separate performance from capacity. Accelerator offers a software-only solution that extends the performance life of the NAS you already have. Accelerator is a virtual appliance that uses server-side caching to... Read More

  9. NetApp FlexArray Storage Virtualization Software

    NetApp® FlexArray virtualization software enables FAS8000 systems to provide full storage virtualization of EMC, Hitachi, and NetApp E-Series arrays. Expand support to both SAN and NAS workloads by virtualizing your current arrays. Keep business operations running smoothly with a common management structure that simplifies and accelerates critical tasks such as data provisioning and protection... Read More

  10. NexentaStor

    NexentaStor is a fully featured NAS/SAN software platform with enterprise class capabilities that address the challenges presented by ever-growing datasets. NexentaStor continues to build on its position as the superior, open alternative to vertically integrated, proprietary storage offerings, provides customers the flexibility to select their storage operating system independently from the hardware it runs on... Read More