Message Logic MLArchiverVM

Last Updated on 2 Oct. 2014, Company: Message Logic

The Message Logic MLArchiverVM combines archiving and compliance monitoring with the scale-on-demand VMware virtualization capabilities to deliver a solution to your email archiving and legal discovery requirements.

MLArchiverVM converts email and other electronic communications into "Corporate Records", emails become searchable documents that are easily retrieved for regulatory, legal, corporate governance, audits and internal review, proactive analytics provides real-time knowledge and policy enforcement by scanning each email against a set of customizable business rules. The criteria include standard and customizable categories, the integrated system allows authorized users to easily and thoroughly search and review email histories from a convenient, single interface, non-compliant emails can be identified, triggering real-time alerts to the sender, receiver or manager. The system acts as a secure, long-term message communications repository, with advanced cross-archive searching and retrieval capabilities. This dramatically reduces the cost of legal and regulatory discovery and supervision. The system integrates with nearly all email systems such as Exchange, Domino, Kerio, Google and more.

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