Monitoring, Management, & Performance

Last Updated on 8 May 2017, Total: 47 Products

Directory of Monitoring, management, and performance software that can be used to administer and tune your virtualization infrastructure.

  1. XIA Configuration Server

    XIA Configuration Server provides the automated audit and documentation of your virtualization platforms including VMware ESX standalone and vCenter managed server and Microsoft Hyper-V. Track changes in your environment to help remediate configuration issues... Read More

  2. ManageEngine Applications Manager

    ManageEngine Applications Manager is a server and application performance monitoring software that helps businesses ensure high availability and performance for their business applications by ensuring servers and applications have high uptime. The application performance management capability includes server monitoring, application server monitoring, database monitoring, web services monitoring, virtualization monitoring, cloud monitoring and an array of other application management capability that... Read More

  3. SolarWinds Storage Manager

    SolarWinds Storage Manager helps you keep a sharp eye on the performance and capacity of your end-to-end physical and virtual storage infrastructure—from VM to spindle. With Storage Manager at your side, you can quickly and easily monitor storage performance, isolate hotspot, automate storage capacity planning, map VMs to physical storage, analyze storage usage and reclaim storage space, manage fibre channel... Read More

  4. Splunk App for VMware

    The Splunk App for VMware provides deep operational visibility into granular performance metrics, logs, tasks and events and topology from hosts, virtual machines and virtual centers. It empowers administrators with an accurate real-time picture of the health of the environment, proactively identifying performance and capacity bottlenecks... Read More

  5. VMware vCenter Configuration Manager

    Automate configuration management across virtual and physical servers, workstations, and desktops with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager. Increase efficiency by eliminating manual, error-prone and time-consuming work. Avoid configuration drift by automatically detecting and comparing changes to policies, maintain continuous compliance with out-of-the box templates and toolkit, and automate software and server provisioning in the datacenter... Read More

  6. RDPSoft Remote Desktop Reporter

    The RDPSoft Remote Desktop Reporter is a specially designed product that polls, collects, and reports on activity on networked computers running Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Using our solution, you can produce both on-demand and scheduled reports covering a wide variety of user and server activity. In addition, our software includes a rich filtering interface that you can use to reduce... Read More

  7. Smart-X ControlUp

    ControlUp offers real-time visibility into your entire enterprise resources like you have never seen before. It's like having a dynamic excel pivot table of your entire enterprise resource fabric! It works on both physical and virtual desktops, including VDI and TS-based. You receive sortable views of every single process running on monitored machines, accounts, sessions, executables with process-specific and aggregate... Read More

  8. ObserveIT

    Record and Replay all remote user sessions on your network servers. Any remote access or console session is searchable and ready for playback! Protocol-agnostic: ObserveIT records Terminal Server, Citrix, Remote Desktop, SSH, VMware and more. ObserveIT makes easy work out of security audits by generating video and text logs for everything that happens on your servers. (Even for apps that... Read More

  9. Heroix Longitude VMware

    Heroix Longitude Edition for VMware provides easy-to-use capacity planning, monitoring and reporting capabilities in a powerful tool that aids VMware users in making better decisions about creating or retiring VMs or redeploying them quickly to maintain high service levels. Longitude also monitors, alerts and reports on availability and performance of Windows, Unix and Linux systems and applications... Read More

  10. LogicMonitor

    LogicMonitor is a hosted performance monitoring and alerting solution that offers native support for VMware Vcenter and ESX, Citrix XenServer, as well as monitoring across the entire infrastructure, from the performance of the web servers or databases running on the virtual machines, to the virtual machines' Linux or Windows operating systems, the applications and databases running on them, and the... Read More