Monitoring, Management, & Performance

Last Updated on 8 May 2017, Total: 47 Products

Directory of Monitoring, management, and performance software that can be used to administer and tune your virtualization infrastructure.

  1. SQLDocKit

    SQLDocKit allows you to auto-discover SQL Servers in your domain(s). It creates a comprehensive SQL environment inventory reports and generates documentation containing all your SQL Server settings. SQLDocKit allows you to audit SQL Server permissions and perform security management actions across multiple servers from a single UI. The tool also offers SQL best practices to help DBAs maintain system reliability,... Read More

  2. Acceleratio SysKit

    SysKit lets you monitor and administer your servers. It’s an agentless enterprise solution which helps you monitor server performance, track user activity, analyze application usage, and document your environment. Additionally, it enables you to manage servers remotely with the advanced features for PowerShell users. SysKit comes with a quick installation containing built-in prerequisites, and it’s available trough desktop and web... Read More

  3. 5nine Manager for Hyper-V

    5nine Manager for Hyper-V is an easy-to-use and cost-effective management solution for Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides most of the features of Microsoft System Center VMM that SMBs need for everyday Hyper-V management. 5nine Manager could be run either locally or remotely. The solution also provides cluster management capabilities, built-in performance monitoring and agentless antivirus... Read More

  4. Advanced System Management

    CA Advanced System Management centrally manages your multi-vendor virtual server and cluster technologies. It improves operational efficiency by adapting to changing business priorities in real time by allocating and reallocating system resources based upon set business policies ensuring IT investments are optimized. It also enables you to dynamically address changing business demands and manage the relationships between virtual and physical... Read More

  5. Athene

    Athene provides ITIL-compliant capacity management, automatic performance analysis and reporting for UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mainframe Servers. Athene is a scalable Performance Management software for real and virtual environments with the Universal Capacity Planning Module interfacing with all third-party systems management products. Athene captures and collects performance data from target systems and provides applications that exploit this data for alert... Read More

  6. BMC MainView

    BMC MainView improves efficiency and lowers ongoing operational costs by delivering real-time and historical monitoring in a single mainframe solution that integrates across z/OS, z/VM, Linux, and subsystems. BMC MainView's unique, single architecture, scales to support a growing infrastructure without the need for additional investment in people, hardware, or distributed management tools... Read More

  7. BalancePoint

    Akorri BalancePoint works with VMware VirtualCenter to map the relationships between virtual machines and the server/storage resources they are using. BalancePoint helps root cause and troubleshoot performance problems across servers and storage, and manage storage capacity. Features: BalancePoint for VMware - Visibility into storage performance and capacity for VMware. BalancePoint for Oracle & MS SQL - Maps database instances and... Read More

  8. CiRBA

    CiRBA software provides analyses all of the critical constraints required for server consolidation. CiRBA presents this analysis in a visual map outlining optimal consolidation and/or virtualization opportunities. CiRBA's analysis and visualization technology simultaneously analyzes: Detailed hardware, OS, Application middleware and Database Configurations; Workload patterns across CPU, Network IO, Disk IO, Memory and others; Non-technical/business/resource factors such as change windows, service... Read More

  9. ConVirt Enterprise

    ConVirt Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade management across heterogeneous virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen. ConVirt Enterprise extends ConVirt Open Source with the advanced automation and scalability features, including high availability, backup & restore, and dynamic workload management... Read More

  10. Dell Foglight for Virtualization

    Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition (formerly vFoglight) reduces operational costs, speeds deployments and simplifies the complexity of your data center infrastructure. Accelerate IT with an operations management suite that streamlines the implementation of virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Visualize, analyze and optimize the performance and capacity of your entire heterogeneous virtualized infrastructure. Plus, get the holistic insight you need into... Read More