High Availability

Last Updated on 3 Aug. 2015, Total: 13 Products

High availability software directory listing all products that provide fault tolerant virtual environments.

  1. Stratus everRun Enterprise

    Stratus everRun Enterprise Edition is a downtime prevention software solution that keeps your Windows and Linux applications up and running, ensuring business continuity and data integrity– easily and affordably. Unlike other solutions, Stratus everRun Enterprise prevents downtime, rather than recovering from it. And that difference has a big impact on your revenue, costs, customer satisfaction goals and efficiency rates... Read More

  2. Double-Take Availability for vSphere

    Vision Solutions’ Double-Take® Availability™ for vSphere provides absolute workload protection, simplified administration, and non-disruptive workload mobility for VMware virtual hosts and clusters. The agent-less option of Double-Take allows you to protect guests in VMware without installing and managing multiple tool sets within the virtual machines... Read More

  3. VMware vSphere

    VMware vSphere® High Availability (HA) delivers the availability required by most applications running in virtual machines, independent of the operating system and application running in it. HA provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within your virtualized IT environment... Read More

  4. Entuity HA

    Entuity is certified for deployment to leading virtual infrastructures from vendors like VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Oracle. Many Entuity installations include integrations to other management applications and/or platforms. A highly available Entuity system will maximize continuity of these integrations as well. Entuity's Advanced Architecture Allows it to Run in a Variety of High Availability Environments... Read More

  5. FalconStor Continuous Data Protector

    Continuous Data Protector (CDP): Define Protection And Recovery Policies Appropriate To Business Application SLAs, Enabling A More Service-Oriented Approach To Disaster Recovery. A disk-based continuous data protection solution that provides comprehensive backup, efficient data replication, and automated disaster recovery to ensure data availability... Read More

  6. HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage

    HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a scale-out storage platform that is designed to meet the fluctuating needs of virtualized environments. Intuitive, common management and storage federation meet the need for simplicity and flexibility in today’s virtual datacenters... Read More

  7. Symantec ApplicationHA

    Symantec ApplicationHA is an easy-to-use solution that provides high availability for business-critical applications through application visibility and control in VMware, Hyper-V, Solaris LDOM, IBM LPAR, and KVM environments. ApplicationHA is based on Symantec Cluster Server powered by industry-leading Veritas technology to provide a layer of unprecedented application protection in various virtual platforms... Read More

  8. Neverfail Application Continuous Availability

    Neverfail’s Application Continuous Availability solution addresses both major and smaller scale outages by protecting applications directly. Neverfail Application Continuous Availability can meet RTOs of less than a minute and delivers RPOs of mere seconds, at a price point similar to less functional backup and replication solutions. Neverfail believes that any system that requires recovery should be viewed as and IT... Read More

  9. SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition

    SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition software is an important ingredient in your cluster solution that provides real-time data replication of Windows Server environments. Block-level replication delivers incredibly fast transfer rates without the need for additional hardware accelerators or compression devices. DataKeeper Cluster Edition delivers performance-optimized host-based replication for Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 that integrates seamlessly with Windows Server Failover... Read More

  10. Reflex's vWatch

    Reflex's vWatch monitoring and analysis module provides a comprehensive overview of the state of your virtual environment at any given time. Through extensive real-time and historical visual reporting, configuration change monitoring, and extensive correlation; vWatch gives administrators the tools they need to efficiently meet stringent compliance and audit requirements and provide in depth analysis of overall performance and availability within... Read More

  11. Backup and Recovery Management

    The CA ARCserve® family of products, as well as our storage resource offerings, gives you control over your changing business by delivering a complete strategy to manage your backup and recovery responsibilities in both virtual and physical environments. Manage explosive data growth; Ensure availability of critical applications; Easy deployment of applications and upgrades; Centralized management of backup environments; Improve protection... Read More

  12. V-Locity 2

    V-locity 2 optimizes the entire virtual platform with new technology that operates invisibly with zero system resource conflicts. On Windows platforms, each V-locity component optimizes its respective OS, preventing most fragmentation from occurring. With the little that does occur, it defragments files and consolidates free space almost immediately. This minimizes unnecessary I/Os passed from the OS to the disk subsystem... Read More

  13. Syncsort Hadoop ETL Solution

    Syncsort’s Hadoop ETL Solution extends the capabilities of Hadoop, turning it into a highly scalable, affordable, and easy-to-use data integration environment. Syncsort’s DMX-h Hadoop ETL Solution provides a smarter approach, turning your Hadoop environment into a complete data integration solution... Read More