RDPSoft Free Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit

Last Updated on 5 April 2013, Company: RDPSoft.com

The RDPSoft Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit is a completely free set of 5 tools designed to ease the workload of Remote Desktop / Terminal Server administrators and other network admins.

Keep an eye on how much bandwidth your users are using in their Remote Desktop sessions with the RDP Bandwidth Monitor. Quickly find and terminate the same hung processes in multiple remote desktop sessions on multiple computers with the Remote Desktop Process Manager. Use the Remote Desktop User Session Manager tool to discover everywhere a user has a terminal server session open, in order to send popup messages, disconnect hung sessions, or to logoff idle sessions. Quickly turn on Remote Desktop Management support remotely on workstations, so you can access them properly with the Microsoft Terminal Services Manager and other tools. Lastly, enable Remote Desktop on servers and workstations remotely, without ever leaving your desk.

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