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Last Updated on 13 June 2017, Total: 31 Products

A frequently updated list of useful virtualization freeware for network administrators

  1. 5nine P2V Hyper-V and VMWare Planner ( Free Edition )

    5nine P2V Planner allows to create and compare Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure and VMware P2V Migration plans and templates from technology and TCO/ROI standpoint, thus providing an ability to make a right choice of Virtualization technology to use for your data center consolidation and applications virtualization. 5nine Team will assist you with all of your Azure and/or Server Consolidation and VDI... Read More

  2. Featured

    Altaro VM Backup v7 – Freeware Edition

    New v7 with WS2016 and vSphere 6.5 support. Altaro VM Backup is an easy to use backup software for Hyper-V and VMware. The straightforward interface allows you to set up and perform backups easily. With Altaro VM Backup you’ll be scheduling and queuing backup jobs in no time. In fact, you’ll install and take your first in under 15 mins... Read More

  3. FREE VM Monitor for Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V

    SolarWinds Free VM Monitor for Hyper-V is an easy-to-use desktop tool that continuously monitors a Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V host and associated virtual machines. Monitor CPU, memory utilization, and number of machines configured and running for a Hyper-V host. You can also view detailed VM health statistics including VM name, guest OS and VM state, as well as processor, memory,... Read More

  4. Free VM Monitor

    Download this FREE Desktop Tool - VM Monitor - from SolarWinds and continuously Monitor your Vmware ESX Server and its virtual machines right from your desktop! Get the real-time monitoring you've been missing. VM Monitor shows you ESX Server CPU, RAM, and Network RX/TX utilization, number of VM Guests running on that server, VM Guest performance including CPU, RAM, and... Read More

  5. Hyper9 GuessMyOS Plug-in for VI3 and vSphere4

    This plug-in replaces generic VM icons in the VI3 and vSphere4 client inventory trees with OS-specific icons for both Windows and Linux guests. System Requirements: The only requirement is Virtual Center 2.5 or higher. The Hyper9 product is NOT required... Read More

  6. Hyper9 Monitoring and Alerting

    Hyper9's Monitoring and Alerting (M&A) application allows administrators to tap into the power of Hyper9 from their desktop's system tray. M&A enables users to leverage any Hyper9 query to create notifications in the form of e-mail, SNMP, or simply a flashing icon in your dock. Download Hyper M&A today! System Requirements: Hyper9 VOS Server... Read More

  7. Hyper9 Search Plug-in

    Hyper9 Search Plug-in enables users to jump directly to a VM in VOS for a VI/vSphere client as well as select a VM in the VI/vSphere client inventory and load that VM in VOS. For VI3 clients, the plug-in also provides type-ahead search capabilities like those found in vSphere4 clients. System Requirements: The only requirement is Virtual Center 2.5 or... Read More

  8. Hyper9 VOS PowerCLI

    The Hyper9 VOS PowerCLI extends the capabilities of Hyper9 VOS/VEO to the command line by leveraging Microsoft Windows PowerShell. You can search for virtual machines, hosts, and even perform actions on these items via tight integration with VMware's own vSphere PowerCLI. Download Hyper9 VOS PowerCLI today! System Requirements: Hyper9 VOS Server, VMware vSphere PowerCLI 4.0.1 for vSphere PowerCLI integration, Microsoft... Read More

  9. Hyper9 Virtual Machine Manager, VMM

    Open source solution to manage VMware VI3/vSphere4, Citrix XenServer 5 or Microsoft Hyper-V from your mobile device or cell phone... Read More

  10. KS QuickConfig 1.3.0

    QuickConfig reduces the time needed to deploy and configure VMware ESX 3 servers and eliminates inconsistencies that can arise with manual operations. This Windows GUI utility is based upon similar functionality in the VMware web-based Scripted Installer, but with the additional options of creating post-configuration files and loading and saving configurations for repeated use... Read More