Altaro VM Backup v7

Last Updated on 13 June 2017, Company: Altaro Software

Altaro VM Backup is a high performance backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware. You’ll be able to back up virtual machines with ease! Altaro VM Backup is super easy to use with a straightforward interface and simple configuration. In fact, you’ll install and take your first backup in under 15 minutes!

Altaro VM Backup v7 introduced leaner and faster backups thanks to Augmented Inline Deduplication. Compared to other vendors, Altaro VM Backup creates the smallest backup size resulting in huge storage savings and faster backups!

Create a rock solid backup strategy now! Set up a flexible backup schedule, replicate backups offsite, automated test drills and data integrity checks. To restore you can easily restore to a new host, clone or even boot a VM directly from the backup location. To restore specific files, you can also choose more granular restore options such as File Level Restore or Exchange Item-Level Restore.

Download a 30-day trial now for unlimited VMs and get 2 VMs for free, forever!

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