Consulting & Implementation Services

Last Updated on 13 June 2008, Total: 4 Products

A comprehensive directory of certified Virtualization implementation and consultancy services.

  1. Silversands Server Virtualization

    Silversands is the UK's First Accredited VMWare Authorised Consulting Partner & Rapid Deployment Partner for Microsoft's Hyper-V solution. Silversands has extensive experience of the issues faced in server virtualisation. We can help you work through the issues faced in complex multi-server environments and implement solutions to bring real business benefits to your organisation. Silversands enterprise knowledge of Virtualisation from both... Read More

  2. AccessFlow Virtual Consulting

    AccessFlow is a consulting organization, concentrating only on the design, implementation and management of enterprise VMware virtual infrastructure. Our VCPs (VMware Certified Professionals) are able to devote their energies exclusively to the research and deployment of optimal virtual infrastructure solutions, thereby developing a deep expertise... Read More

  3. Apparatus Consulting Services

    Apparatus provides infrastructure consultation in the following areas: Web servers; Application servers; Database servers; Network design; Network security; Load balancing technology; System monitoring. We spend our time focused on web infrastructure and applications, and all areas of our business center on solving technical problems and proposing technical solutions. We don't pretend we're something we're not, which allows us to focus... Read More

  4. FusionStorm Consultancy

    FusionStorm is part of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Partner Network. All premier partners are authorized to sell the full VMware product line and the key capabilities of partners in this level include the ability to help customers design, plan and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures. Partners in the Premier tier are required to have a certain number... Read More