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4 Consulting & Implementation Services
12 Virtualization Hosting
  1. AccessFlow Virtual Consulting

    AccessFlow is a consulting organization, concentrating only on the design, implementation and management of enterprise VMware virtual infrastructure. Our VCPs (VMware Certified Professionals) are able to devote their energies exclusively to the research and deployment of optimal virtual infrastructure solutions, thereby developing a deep expertise... Read More

  2. Apparatus Consulting Services

    Apparatus provides infrastructure consultation in the following areas: Web servers; Application servers; Database servers; Network design; Network security; Load balancing technology; System monitoring. We spend our time focused on web infrastructure and applications, and all areas of our business center on solving technical problems and proposing technical solutions. We don't pretend we're something we're not, which allows us to focus... Read More

  3. Apparatus Managed Hosting

    Apparatus Managed Hosting comprises a top-tier suite of system administration services. We also have the ability to go a step further and provision, configure, support, and maintain applications that sit atop the operating system: IIS; Apache; Tomcat; IBM HTTP Server; WebSphere Application Server, etc... Read More

  4. Attenda Infrastructure Managed Servce

    Attenda provides a mature, flexible approach to operations that can dovetail seamlessly into existing internal procedures, staff and projects to provide a cost effective and highly secure foundation for running your infrastructure. Outsourcing the operation of your infrastructure allows your operations team to focus on the business application rather than the day-to-day, repeatable tasks involved in operations, helping improve both... Read More

  5. BlueLock Virtual Cloud Professional

    BlueLock Virtual Cloud Professional is a managed cloud hosting environment engineered with VMware virtualization technology. This solution provides dynamic computing resources with the scale, security and performance to run your important applications. Companies depend on BlueLock Virtual Cloud Professional to manage time and labor-intensive infrastructure tasks such as configuring, troubleshooting, backups, updating, patching, monitoring and administering. We ensure your information... Read More

  6. DataPipe Managed Hosting

    DataPipe has partnered with VMware through VMware's Service Provider Program.Virtualization allows for more flexible hosting environments. DataPipe VMware ESX Server environments allow clients to deploy, modify, and implement virtual seamlessly in minutes compared to hours with physical equipment. VMware allows DataPipe to offer flexible and scalable disaster recovery environments that meet organizational business continuity requirements. High availability ESX environments use... Read More

  7. Fusepoint Managed VMware Hosting Services

    Managed VMware Hosting Services are a natural extension of Fusepoint's leading managed services. Your mission-critical infrastructure receives only the highest level of attention from our technical team, and now you benefit from an added layer of expertise with Fusepoint's VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) who will help you get the most out of your advanced VMware hosting environment. Fusepoint's Managed VMware... Read More

  8. FusionStorm Consultancy

    FusionStorm is part of the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Partner Network. All premier partners are authorized to sell the full VMware product line and the key capabilities of partners in this level include the ability to help customers design, plan and deploy both traditional computing infrastructures and virtual infrastructures. Partners in the Premier tier are required to have a certain number... Read More

  9. IT Xpress Managed Hosting

    IT Xpress Managed Hosting is the solid foundation to build on when deploying network-based applications, services and web sites: A one-stop hosting solution including hardware, software, network services and ongoing 24x7 management; Save as much as 70%, and deploy applications up to four times faster when compared to self-hosting; Single-point-of-support for all infrastructure elements means no "finger-pointing" between vendors; Fault-tolerant... Read More

  10. Interoute Managed Virtual Hosting

    We have invested in an extensive virtual hosting platform with complete redundancy. It benfits from failover within each data centre, and we can even transfer virtual machines between data centres to make the failover geographic if you require it. Add to this the choice of service levels and resource guarantees we offer and we can create just the right virtual... Read More