Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Tips

Last Updated on 23 Aug. 2016, Total: 33 Knowledge Base Tips

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  1. How to Hibernate a Virtual Machine?

    Tip explains how to hibernate a virtual machine running on Hyper-V... Read More

  2. Microsoft Retiring Two main features in System Center 2016

    Tip explains features and capabilities deprecated in upcoming System Center 20126... Read More

  3. Repairing a Virtual Machine in System Center Virtual Machine Manager

    Tip explains use of Repair-SCVirtualMachine PowerShell cmdlet... Read More

  4. When a Virtual Machine Host is into Maintenance Mode

    Tip explains what you can and cannot do when a virtual machine host is into maintenance mode... Read More

  5. Command Line Options to Put a Virtual Machine host into Maintenance mode

    Tip explains use of Enable-SCVMHost and Disable-SCVMHost PowerShell cmdlets... Read More

  6. Starting Repair Process on SCVMM Host

    Tip explains how to repair SCVMM host and resolve known failures... Read More

  7. Placing a Virtualization Host Into Maintenance Mode Using Command Line

    Tip explains how to place a virtualization host into maintenance mode... Read More

  8. Back Up VMM Service Templates

    Tip explains how you can back up service templates created in the Virtual Machine Manager... Read More

  9. Adding Roles/Features to a VMM Guest Profile

    Tip explains how to add a role/feature to a VMM guest profile... Read More

  10. Checking SCVMM RunAs Account Credential

    Tip explains how to check VMM RunAs account credential... Read More