Server Virtualization Tips

Last Updated on 29 May 2013, Total: 15 Knowledge Base Tips

5 Hardware
8 Management & Administration
2 Software
  1. Cluster Capability between Hyper-V 3.0 and VMware vSphere 5.1

    The tip shows the cluster capabilities and scalability between Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 running on Windows Server 2012 and VMware vSphere 5.1... Read More

  2. How to convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines?

    The tip explains two ways to convert a Physical Computer to Virtual Machine... Read More

  3. Remotely Analyzing Virtual Hardware Capabilities

    In this tip I discuss a tool that can be used to assess the virtualization support of all currently virtualized hosts from a central location... Read More

  4. Limiting RAM for Performance in Linux Virtual Guests

    This tip tells you how to add performance to your virtual infrastructure by actually taking RAM away from a Linux virtual guests... Read More

  5. Eased Snapshot Management with

    Snapshots can be a critical part of your virtualized infrastructure so any help in their management is welcome. This tip identifies a simple Perl script that can help... Read More

  6. Detecting the Presence of Virtualization from Within a VM

    There are a variety of methods for detecting whether or not you are within a virtual machine while logged on to a system. This tip demonstrates a quick method for determining if you are in a virtual guest... Read More

  7. Using SecurAble to Determine Hardware Virtualization Support

    Determining whether or not existing hardware supports hardware assisted virtualization can sometimes be a tedious task. This tip discusses a utility which will help do this for you... Read More

  8. Using DiskPart to Manage VHD Files

    Much to the surprise of most users, DiskPart can actually be used to great extent when working with VHD files. This tip discusses these capabilities... Read More

  9. Test Driving Microsoft Products with Free Virtual Machines

    If you’ve ever wanted to test drive a Microsoft product without going through the full setup process then there is a solution that gets you straight into usage... Read More

  10. Utilities for Planning VM Capacity

    As if planning for server deployments wasn’t hard enough, now we must consider how many VM’s will fit on a virtual server. Depending on the platform you are using there are a few tools which can help this process... Read More