Desktop Virtualization Tips

Last Updated on 27 March 2013, Total: 4 Knowledge Base Tips

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  1. System Center 2012 Monitoring Pack for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services

    This tip is about the release of the RDS 2012 MP for SCOM 2012... Read More

  2. Booting a VMWare VM from CD, USB, or the Network

    Booting a computer from something other than the primary hard drive is a no-brainer, but what about instances where you need to boot your VM from a CD? Is that even possible? Yes, and here’s how... Read More

  3. Creating VHD Files from Running Physical Systems with Disk2VHD

    The ability to create VHD files while a system is running has continued to be a source of focus for virtualization providers. The Sysinternals division of Microsoft has released the Disk2VHD file to make this process incredibly easy... Read More

  4. Using Live View to Boot Forensic Images into a Virtual Machine

    When forensically examining a hard disk it may be beneficial to take that disk image and boot from it in order to interact with the applications on it. Live view is a utility that make quick work of it while ensuring the image maintains forensically sound... Read More