VMware Workstation Tips

Last Updated on 28 March 2013, Total: 7 Knowledge Base Tips

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  1. Removing VMWare Remnants from the Registry

    In the event that VMWare components have to be removed or reinstalled from your system you may need to go to an additional step to remove its remnants from the registry. This tip provides some resource for doing that... Read More

  2. Understanding the Moved It or Copied It Option in VMWare Workstation

    Whenever you start a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation that has been moved or copied you are asked to specify which one of those two things happened. This tip explains the importance of your selection... Read More

  3. Disabling Virtual Disk Shrinking in VMWare

    Users in a virtual machine have the ability to invoke the shrinking of a virtual disk on demand. VMWare recommends you disable this feature for security purposes. This tip will explain why, and demonstrate how to disable this functionality... Read More

  4. Running VMWare Workstation and Windows 7’s XP Mode Simultaneously

    If you are utilizing Windows 7’s Windows XP Mode feature then you will find yourself unable to run VMWare workstation simultaneously. This isn’t a deal breaker and can be fixed with a bit of a performance tradeoff... Read More

  5. Disabling the Use of Processor Virtualization Technology in VMWare Workstation

    Under its default configuration VMWare Workstation allows all newly created virtual machines to utilize your processors virtualization technology support exclusively. This can be disabled when the need arises... Read More

  6. Virtual Printing in VMWare Workstation 7

    One of the previous challenges of operating in a virtual environment is printing. VMWare Workstation 7 introduces virtual printing to help overcome these challenges... Read More

  7. Windows 7 and VMWare Workstation Compatibility

    Windows 7 is out and being deployed rapidly. If you are considering its deployment then one of the best ways to test for application compatibility is by configuring a Windows 7 virtual appliance in VMWare Workstation, but does it support Windows 7?... Read More