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  1. Checking installed updates on Server Core

    Need to know what updates are installed on your Server Core machine, here is a quick way to check... Read More

  2. Save Host Memory

    Tips for not wasting memory on a Hyper-V host... Read More

  3. PXE Booting a Virtual Machine

    Trying to install a VM using a PXE server like Windows Deployment Services? You need to configure the VM settings correctly... Read More

  4. DRS and resource pools relation

    DRS and resource pools: beware of maintenance!... Read More

  5. Hyper-V and Notebooks

    If you need to run Hyper-V on your notebook, use these simple tips for getting the best performance... Read More

  6. Correct LSI Logic driver for Windows XP on ESX

    A short description how to install the LSI Logic driver in Windows XP... Read More

  7. Working with .iso files

    What is an .iso file and how do you use it in a VI environment?... Read More

  8. Hyper-V and HP Proliant Support Pack (PSP)

    When you install Hyper-V on an HP server you need to do it in a certain order to prevent getting stuck... Read More

  9. Keep your VM Files together

    When you create a new virtual machine, specify a different location so that you can have all the files together in a single folder structure... Read More