Thin Clients

Last Updated on 27 March 2015, Total: 11 Products

Directory of thin client devices to be used within a virtual desktop environment

  1. BOSaNOVA Thin Clients

    Windows CE.NET-based thin clients for cost-effective desktop computing in a LAN environment, connecting to IBM iSeries (AS/400) and zSeries (S/390) as well as Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers. BOSaNOVA Thin Clients offer users improved workflow, increased security and lower maintenance and upgrade costs. Light-weight, fan-less and with no moving parts, BOSaNOVA Thin Clients provide quiet, long-lasting, reliable, maintenance-free performance... Read More

  2. Esprit Windows Thin-Clients

    Esprit develops several thin client models for a range of needs. The different models all fulfill specific needs in an Enterprise environment. The 470-TXP Series is a powerful solution for corporate heterogeneous computer environments, while 300-TCEG is the latest addition to thin client models. It delivers secure server-based applications to end-users... Read More

  3. Dell Wyse Thin Clients

    Get instant-on, hands-off operation and performance that meets the demands of your most power-hungry applications with Wyse zero clients, purpose-built for your particular virtual desktop infrastructure. Make your virtual desktop infrastructure virus- and malware-Immune with one of the most secure operating systems in the world. Combine the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows Embedded Standard™ with the security, ease of... Read More

  4. Chip PC Technologies Thin Clients

    Chip PC Technologies products embody creative technology breakthroughs for zero, thin, and smart client desktops and management software. Our hardware and software engineering teams focus on finding innovative ways to deliver highest performance, green technology and best quality at the lowest costs. Chip PC Technologies end-to-end solutions include innovative zero/thin/smart client desktop form factors accompanied by robust, Active-Directory based management... Read More

  5. HP Thin Client Series

    True PC-like performance for remote or cloud computing environments, and supports Microsoft RFX, Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP, Terminal Emulation. Programmable and affordable zero clients for client virtualization, using <5W of power, supports multiple protocols, delivering a no-compromise, intelligent zero client experience for remote and cloud computing environments... Read More

  6. Sun Ray Clients

    Sun Ray Clients connect to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Sun Ray Software and have no moving parts, no local operating system to manage, and no local storage. They provide high-performance video and audio and high security, consume very little power, and provide investment protection with a long product lifespan. Clients deliver display of server-hosted Windows, Oracle Solaris, and Linux... Read More

  7. Rangee Thin Clients

    The Rangee series offers outstanding performance, two DVI ports and a perfect VMware integration, while some models offer the ideal solution for a multi-monitor environment. These devices are equipped with a Teradici chipset and can connect to virtual machines based on VMware View and PCoIP. The Rangee Thin Client Management Server (TCMS) is an All-in-one Appliance for management of Rangee... Read More

  8. Axel AX3000 Ultra Thin Client

    Rugged and dependable Ultra thin clients, RDP/VNC and ICA capable. Very secure, small footprint. 3 year warranty parts labor. Capable of hosting up to 6 concurrent sessions, most text emulation sessions. 2 versions available, 65C for text-only emulations, and 75C featuring USB ports, a new, graphical interface, and improved graphics support for the desktop clients noted above. Also offered is... Read More

  9. Symbio Technologies Thin Clients

    Standard Symbiont Thin Clients are "off the shelf" thin clients that work perfectly with the rest of The Symbiont™ products. These units perform well for most users. Unlike traditional thin clients, they have no internal storage (diskless) and no embedded software (stateless). Symbiont Certified Network Terminals provide exceptional security and have been certified and accredited for use on US Government... Read More

  10. Maxspeed Thin Clients by Neoware

    Maxspeed by Neoware thin clients are a powerful and cost-effective alternative to PC's. All Neoware thin clients provide all the performance of networked PCs with none of the drawbacks - at a fraction of the cost. With Neoware thin clients you greatly decrease cost of ownership with a virtually maintenance free design that provides years of silent and trouble free... Read More

  11. IGEL Zero Clients

    IGEL Zero Clients for Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDS/RemoteFX and VMware Horizon View deliver a true zero client experience. At the same time they overcome typical zero client limitations you may know from other vendors, like e.g. inflexibility, missing manageability and no technical support. IGEL delivers specialized zero clients without compromise. They are dedicated and optimized to one of the three... Read More