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Last Updated on 8 July 2008, Total: 50 Articles and Tutorials

A comprehensive FAQ about Virtualization covering the basics of what virtualization is, the different types of virtualization, the top virtualization products, and other information to help any administrator or IT expert understand more about virtualization and how it works.

  1. What is Virtual Center?

    A concise definition of what VMware Virtual Center and Microsoft System Center are and the important role they play within a virtualization environment... Read More

  2. What is System Center Virtual Machine Manager?

    A comprehensive definition of what Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager is and its role in the management of a virtualization environment... Read More

  3. What is a partition?

    The definition of a partition and what it is used for in a virtualization environment... Read More

  4. What are: virtual processor, virtual RAM, virtual NIC, & virtual disk?

    The functions and importance of virtual processors, virtual RAM, virtual NIC, and virtual disks and how these work in a virtualization infrastructure... Read More

  5. Why do I need to care about the hardware requirements of VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V?

    Reasons why an administrator needs to keep the hardware requirements for hypervisors in mind when setting up a virtualization environment... Read More

  6. What is a snapshot?

    A definition of a snapshot and what it is used for in virtualization... Read More

  7. What is Quick Migration?

    What is a Microsoft Quick Migration and how does it help a virtualization administrator?... Read More

  8. Why won’t my virtualization product boot from my OS CD to load my new guest OS?

    An answer as to why sometimes a virtualization product may not boot from an OS CD and how to fix the issue... Read More

  9. What do I need to know about licensing and Virtualization?

    The importance of licensing with regards to virtualization... Read More

  10. What is a P2V conversion?

    The definition of a physical to virtual conversion, otherwise known as P2V and how it is used to consolidate servers... Read More