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Last Updated on 8 July 2008, Total: 50 Articles and Tutorials

A comprehensive FAQ about Virtualization covering the basics of what virtualization is, the different types of virtualization, the top virtualization products, and other information to help any administrator or IT expert understand more about virtualization and how it works.

  1. What is the Open Virtual Machine Format?

    A definition of the Open Virtualization Format (OVF)... Read More

  2. Why should I try virtualization on my desktop PC?

    Some concise reasons as to why desktop virtualization can be beneficial... Read More

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    What is a virtual datastore?

    What a virtual datastore is and how it allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure... Read More

  4. Featured

    What is a VMware VCP & a VCDX?

    The different between a VMware VCP and VCDX... Read More

  5. Editor's Pick

    What are the best training options for learning about Virtualization?

    A list of different virtualization training sites... Read More

  6. What are the best online resources for Virtualization knowledge?

    A list of different Virtualization resource sites... Read More

  7. Why is centralized storage so important for enterprise virtualization products?

    Different types of centralized storage and why they are important in a virtualized environment... Read More

  8. What is ThinApp?

    A concise definition of VMware ThinApp and the benefits it can provide... Read More

  9. How many virtual machines can you run on one host?

    A description of what affects the amount of virtual machines can be implemented onto one host... Read More

  10. What is VM Sprawl?

    A definition of VM sprawl and how to prevent it... Read More