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Last Updated on 8 July 2008, Total: 50 Articles and Tutorials

A comprehensive FAQ about Virtualization covering the basics of what virtualization is, the different types of virtualization, the top virtualization products, and other information to help any administrator or IT expert understand more about virtualization and how it works.

  1. Can I virtualize all my servers or should some servers or applications not be virtualized?

    A few considerations to take into account when deciding which applications or servers should be virtualized... Read More

  2. How do I backup my virtual guest operating systems?

    The various ways that an administrator can back up a virtual guest operating system... Read More

  3. How do I manage my virtualized servers?

    How to best manage your virtual servers once they have been set up... Read More

  4. How many virtual machines can you run on one host?

    A description of what affects the amount of virtual machines can be implemented onto one host... Read More

  5. How much do virtualization products cost?

    A cost breakdown of the various virtualization products which are available... Read More

  6. How much money can my company save with Server consolidation using virtualization?

    Links to specific calculators to work out the cost savings once servers are consolidated using virtualization... Read More

  7. What are VMware VMotion & Storage VMotion (SVMotion)?

    The differences by VMware VMotion and VMware Storage VMotion (SVMotion) and their benefits... Read More

  8. What are a host, guest, and virtual machine?

    A comparison of the differences between a host system, a guest system, and a virtual machine within a virtual infrastructure... Read More

  9. What are some of the VMware ESX Server add-ons that I should consider?

    An overview of useful VMware ESX server add-ons... Read More

  10. What are the best free virtualization options?

    A list of free virtualization products... Read More