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  1. 2X Opens Source Code to its NX Based Terminal Server for Linux

    2X TerminalServer for Linux provides companies and users with a secure, personal Linux desktop, accessible from anywhere in the world. Frankfurt, Germany, 30 August 2006 - 2X today announced the release of 2X TerminalServer for Linux, an open source terminal server for Linux, which enables users to run a Linux desktop and Linux / Windows applications over any type of... Read More

  2. Beware The Repair

    Jay Tomlin from Citrix comments on some of the features of Citrix: "A word of warning for all you Web Interface gurus out there: If you make any changes to the Web Interface 4.0 scripts or image files beyond what is exposed in the Access Suite Console, then be sure to keep a backup of your changes. There are some... Read More

  3. XenSource Opens Seattle-Area Development Office

    PALO ALTO, California – August 28, 2006 – XenSource, the leader in infrastructure virtualization solutions based on the open source Xen™ hypervisor, today announced the opening of a new office in Redmond, Washington to support their expanding company and products, and recently signed co-development agreement with Microsoft. The new office will focus on joint technology and market development for the... Read More

  4. 2X Enables Desktop Virtualization with 2X ThinClientServer

    2X has published a guide demonstrating how to implement desktop virtualization within a company at no extra cost. Using VMware server and 2X ThinClientServer,companies can convert existing desktops to thin clients, and have them connect to a virtual machine on one, or more, central VMware servers. This solution is based on 2X ThinClientServer PXES edition, obtainable for free, and VMware... Read More

  5. Repackaging the custom RDP client as an MSI!

    Hey guys, Just want to let you know that based on the feedback I got about the two articles I wrote about customizing the RDP Client (Part 1 and Part 2), I realized it would be great for you to have a third article explaining how to create an MSI out of that so you could redeploy the client to... Read More

  6. Better Seamless Windows?

    Wilco just posted his review of the Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect software on his website. What I still do not get it is why companies are still working on improving/fixing their own seamless windows engines. Windows Longhorn, as everyone knows, has built-in support for that and it works very well, way better than any of the third party implementations out there... Read More

  7. Citrix finally announces its MVP-type program.

    After almost two years of 'we will do something'-'Oh, forget about that', Citrix finally decided it was time to improve its relationship with the SBC community out there and it is now official. The Citrix Technology Professional program is now a reality and eleven people are already nominated. Here is the inaugural list: Shawn Bass (USA) Douglas Brown (USA) Rick... Read More

  8. Windows PE available for ISVs???

    Oh boy, this is interesting... This is the information that is available on the Microsoft website: "Ship Windows PE-enabled solutions in a retail setting. Previously-released versions of Windows PE have been available for license only to OEMs and corporations. Beginning with the interim versions of the Windows PE platform, Microsoft has created a new licensing option that also allows ISVs,... Read More

  9. Windows Fundamentals is shipping!

    Not sure if everyone here knows what Windows Fundamentals is. The codename Microsoft was using for it at the time was 'Eiger' and it is basically a stripped down, barebones Windows XP SP2 OS to be used on legacy PCs to turn them into thin clients. Unfortunately it is available only to Software Assurance customers. If this was available to... Read More

  10. Firefox extension for Citrix

    Just saw this at Brian's website. Citrix released a beta for an extension for Firefox that allows you to basically see your published apps on a toolbar. Cool! This would be probably very easy to do for other manufacturers like 2X, Provision Networks, etc. :-) Come on guys! You can do it... Read More