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by [Published on 18 April 2016 / Last Updated on 18 April 2016]

Process automation

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Above is an example of a common old batch file which automated the process of calling an executable file.  Batch files like this were eventually incorporated into “Menus” which in turn eventually became Graphic User Interfaces (GUI).

Today there are more advanced options which can accomplish this same automation and much more.  Following is an AHK example of process automation including some additional important features:


Run, myProg.exe [, WorkingDir, Max|Min|Hide|UseErrorLevel, OutputVarPID]

This AHK command basically will do the same thing as the old batch file.  It will Run “myProg.exe”.  However, that’s just the beginning.  For example, the last variable in the command line, OutputVarPID, stores the unique Process ID which is very important in a multi-user, multi-tasking environment.  

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