A Case for Ease of Learning

by [Published on 13 April 2016 / Last Updated on 13 April 2016]

There are several reasons for the popularity of PHP.  Arguably the most compelling reasons are the short learning curve and the extensive support.  Certainly the former begets the latter.  Experts suggest that anyone with programming experience can become PHP proficient in a matter of hours.  Web designers and graphic artists with no programming experience have demonstrated PHP prowess within days.

PHP has always integrated well with other platforms such as HTML, JavaScript, Jquery, and MySQL making PHP very modular and an impressive forerunner in OOP and Container arenas.  

Now that companies like Zend have produced desktop models of PHP as well as having partnered with specialty proponents of Adobe Flex and Java, PHP has become a serious option for conventional application programming.  Consequently there is still very good reason to learn and to use PHP.

Clearly the wide acceptance of PHP is due, in no small way, to its ease of learning and use.  Such a success story would seem to bode well for easy-to-learn script languages like AHK, Powershell, and FastTrack.  
Up Next:  exploration, examples, and examination of AHK, PowerShell, and FastTrack.

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