VMotion & DRS & High Availability

Last Updated on 8 March 2011, Total: 4 Articles and Tutorials

Articles and tutorials on how to load balance and create a fault tolerant highly available VMware ESX environment

  1. An Enhanced vMotion Compatibility Primer

    This article discusses VMware vMotion in a mixed-processer environment... Read More

  2. Options for VMware Virtual Center / vCenter Redundancy

    Various options to explore should the VMware Virtual Center/ vCenter server go down... Read More

  3. How to Configure VMware High Availability (VMHA)

    What VMware’s High Availability solution is and how to configure it... Read More

  4. What is Storage VMotion (SVMotion) and How do you perform a SVMotion using the VI Plugin?

    An overview of VMware's Storage VMotion, where to find an indispensable SVMotion plug-in for the VI Client, and a step by step demonstration of how SVMotion works to move a VMware ESX Guest VM's storage, from one datastore to another, without any downtime to the end users... Read More