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Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2007, Total: 3 Articles and Tutorials

Terminal Services Add-on product reviews

  1. Product Review: UniPrint Server 6.0

    In this review we’ll be looking at UniPrint 6.0, Ingenica’s latest version of their Universal Printing Solution for Windows Terminal Services and Citrix. Ingenica is a division of Bell Business Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Canada... Read More

  2. Tunnel Applications to Remote Desktops Seamlessly: 2X ApplicationServer Review

    2X has just launched 2X ApplicationServer version 4, a full SBC product offering Published Application, Seamless Integration, Load Balancing, SSL support and clients for several platforms. Let's take a look at this product and see what it offers... Read More

  3. Load Balance Terminal Services & Citrix Servers: 2X LoadBalancer Software Review

    In this review I will take a look at 2X LoadBalancer. My review of 2X LoadBalancer was performed with three Windows 2000 Server systems. One server acted as the “gateway” and the two remaining servers acted as the Terminal Servers... Read More