Storage Management

Last Updated on 25 March 2014, Total: 8 Articles and Tutorials

Articles and tutorials focusing on storage mangement solutions and advice for Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. Understanding and Using Shared VHDX in Windows Server 2012 R2

    Windows Server 2012 R2 provides the ability to use a shared virtual hard disk of VHDX format between multiple virtual machines. In this article, you learn about the VHDX format and how VHDX files can be used as storage to create a Hyper-V guest failover cluster. A guest failover cluster is commonly used to implement the failover of cluster-aware applications... Read More

  2. A First Look at Hyper-Vs Virtual Fibre Channel Feature (Part 2)

    This article concludes the series on Hyper-V’s virtual Fibre Channel feature by examining the process for providing a virtual machine with Fibre Channel connectivity... Read More

  3. A First Look at Hyper-Vs Virtual Fibre Channel Feature (Part 1)

    This article discusses the benefits and the limitations of Hyper-V’s new virtual Fibre Channel feature... Read More

  4. Volume and File System Considerations for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

    This article lists some of the more noteworthy storage improvements and general considerations that should be taken into account when implementing Windows Server 2012 and/or Hyper-V... Read More

  5. Managing Hyper-V virtual disks

    I’ll discuss the basic concepts behind storage management in Hyper-V... Read More

  6. Hyper-V File Storage and Permissions

    An inside look into how Hyper-V handles file storage and permissions for virtual machines... Read More

  7. How to Administer Microsoft Hyper-V from the command line (CLI)

    A step by step instruction on how to manage Microsoft’s Hyper-V from the command line using Powershell... Read More

  8. Configuring the VMware VirtualCenter Management Server

    How to configure the VMware VirtualCenter Management Server and personalize it... Read More