Last Updated on 3 May 2017, Total: 21 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Replacing your SHA1 SSL certificates

    This article explains how you can replace your SHA1 SSL certificates which are no longer secure with SHA256 or SHA3 certificates which are still secure... Read More

  2. INTERVIEW: Understanding the Release Pipeline Model

    This article provides an overview of the Release Pipeline Model which takes the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline model of DevOps and applies it to infrastructure PowerShell code delivery in datacenter and cloud environments for more reliable management of production servers... Read More

  3. Machine Learning with AWS

    In this article we will define machine learning, the AWS Machine Learning Service and consider the advantages of utilising this service within your organisation... Read More

  4. Reasons to Secure Web Apps in AWS

    AWS has become de facto in hosting many applications with more focus on securing web applications in AWS. Amazon does provide a secure foundation and some believe that this is enough security but the Shared Responsibility Model laid out by AWS reminds users that they too have responsibility for securing the application layer. In this article we will consider why... Read More

  5. HotLink brings unified management to virtualization and cloud

    This article looks at how HotLink helps companies view and manage workloads... Read More

  6. Do You Need Cloud Computing?

    This article looks at whether it is time for you to “use the cloud”, what it means, and what a cloud offers... Read More

  7. Platform as a Service (PaaS) with VMware Wavemaker

    In this article the author tests out VMware’s Wavemaker – part of their total Cloud Computing “Platform as a Service (PaaS)” solution... Read More

  8. Using Hyper-V to Build a Private Cloud (Part 10)

    This article is the last in the series on using Hyper-V to build a private cloud. The article focuses primarily on troubleshooting virtual machine deployment issues, but also briefly addresses security... Read More

  9. Using Hyper-V to Build a Private Cloud (Part 9)

    This article continues the discussion of private cloud creation. It explains how to review user’s infrastructure and service requests. It also demonstrates the process that end users will use to create virtual machines once their requests have been approved... Read More

  10. Using Hyper-V to Build a Private Cloud (Part 8)

    This article continues the series on building a Hyper-V based private cloud by demonstrating the initial steps that are required by the end users... Read More