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  1. Getting Started with Containers (Part 3)

    This article continues the discussion of Windows Server containers by walking you through the process of deploying a container image... Read More

  2. Docker and Containers (Part 4) - Implementing Windows Server Containers

    This article demonstrates how to use Windows PowerShell to create containers in Windows Server 2016 using Windows Server Containers... Read More

  3. Deploying Azure Stack Technical Preview 1 Proof of Concept (Part 1)

    In Part I of this article, you learn about the Azure Stack technology that allows organizations to deliver Azure services from within their own datacenters. You also learn about the Azure Stack Portal, services that are available to test in Azure Stack, and installation requirements. In addition, this article guides you through the installation of the Microsoft Azure Stack Technical... Read More

  4. Docker and Containers (Part 3) - Containers and Windows Server

    This article describes the two types of Windows Containers that are available in Windows Server 2016... Read More

  5. Getting Started with Containers (Part 2)

    In this article, I want to begin discussing containers as they exist in Windows Server 2016... Read More

  6. Docker and Containers (Part 2) - Understanding Docker

    The second article in this series describes the Docker platform and how it simplifies creating and deploying containerized applications... Read More

  7. Deploying Virtual Machines in Azure using Azure Resource Manager - ARM Templates (Part 2)

    This article is the second of a two-part series on deploying virtual machines in Azure. In Part I, you learned how to use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) PowerShell APIs to programmatically provision virtual machines. In this article, you perform the same provisioning actions using ARM templates... Read More

  8. Getting Started with Containers (Part 1)

    This article discusses what Windows Server containers are, what they do, and why they are a big deal... Read More

  9. Docker and Containers (Part 1) - Understanding Containers

    The first article in this new series examines what containers are and how they can be useful for organizations... Read More

  10. Protecting VMs in Azure using Azure Backup

    This article explains how you can use the Microsoft Azure Backup service to natively protect virtual machines running in Microsoft Azure... Read More