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  1. Replacing your SHA1 SSL certificates

    This article explains how you can replace your SHA1 SSL certificates which are no longer secure with SHA256 or SHA3 certificates which are still secure... Read More

  2. INTERVIEW: Understanding the Release Pipeline Model

    This article provides an overview of the Release Pipeline Model which takes the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline model of DevOps and applies it to infrastructure PowerShell code delivery in datacenter and cloud environments for more reliable management of production servers... Read More

  3. Getting Started With Containers (Part 8)

    In this article we'll discuss interacting with a Windows Server container... Read More

  4. Getting Started with Containers (Part 7)

    This article continues the discussion by explaining how to build a container that can host a Web site... Read More

  5. Docker and containers (Part 7) - Other Tools for Managing Windows Server Containers

    This article examines other tools you can use for managing Windows Server Containers... Read More

  6. Getting Started with Containers (Part 6)

    This article continues the discussion of Docker containers in Windows Server 2016, by taking a look at how to create a container... Read More

  7. Getting Started With Containers (Part 5)

    Since the time that the previous article was written, Microsoft has made significant changes to Windows Server containers. This article outlines some of those changes and reviews the new deployment procedures required for Docker containers... Read More

  8. Docker and containers (Part 6)

    This article examines how you can use Windows PowerShell for managing Windows Server Containers... Read More

  9. Docker and Containers (Part 5) - Implementing Hyper-V Containers

    This article demonstrates how to use Windows PowerShell to create containers in Windows Server 2016 using Hyper-V Containers... Read More

  10. Getting Started With Containers (Part 4)

    This article continues the discussion of Windows Server containers by examining the techniques used to deploy Docker and create containers... Read More